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Professional Vacancies

San Benito High School
- English Teacher
- Family and Consumer Science Teacher (in Child Guidance)
- Math and Physics Teacher (with a Master to teach dual enrollment curriculum)

Miller Jordan Middle School
- TTIPS Math Coach

Frank Roberts Elementary
- 3rd Grade

Technology Dept
- Network Specialist


Professional Vacancies for 2014-2015

Veteran’s Memorial High School
-Special Education Teacher
-Geography Teacher
-Algebra I Teacher
- ROTC Instructor

Berta Cabaza Middle School
- 8th Grade History Teacher
- 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Miller JordanĀ  Middle School
- Special Education Teacher

Rangerville Elementary
-4th Grade Teacher

RiversideĀ  Middle School
- 6th Grade English Teacher
- 8th Grade ELA Teacher

Ed Downs Elementary
- 1st Grade Teacher
-5th Grade Teacher

Dr. Garza Elementary
- 4th Grade Teacher

Frank Roberts Elementary
- 3rd Grade Teacher




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Professional Application

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